We offer the IGA Family and grooming community a variety of IGA branded items for purchase.

Educational Posters

1 poster = USD 65

If you order 4 (FOUR) or more the price is USD50 per poster

How to order the poster:

  1. Email info@iga.sg and provide the following information:
    • Name
    • Delivery Address
    • Poster Reference Numbers and quantity
  2. After receiving a confirmation email from IGA please make the paypal payment.
  3. Once payment has been confirmed the posters will be sent out by Registered Post and the tracking number will be given to you.


001 - Poodle Pyjama Dutch Clip

002 - Poodle Puppy & Second Puppy Clip

003 - Poodle Lamb / Modern Clip


004 - Poodle Continental and English Saddle Clip

005 - Poodle Country Clip

006 - Bichon Frise


007 - Basic Anatomy