World Judging Panel

IGA strives to maintain a panel of active and experienced Judges. Judges who are part of the IGA WJP are free to judge any events, be members of other associations and participate in any competitions or seminars. IGA does not set limits on their judges. We encourage our Judges to build their profiles and gain experience.

IGA WJP will receive invitations from IGA HQ to judge events in China, South East Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

IGA WJP work and communicate together to build a strong relationship and to maintain IGA judging standards across the world. Submit your profile. Join Us!

IGA Judge Orientation Program (Pure Breed)

Requirements to enter Judge Orientation Program:

  1. Minimum 10 years experience as a groomer.
  2. A Masters Certificate.
  3. (or) minimum an ‘A’ Class Pure Breed Certificate (Scissoring / Thinning / Stripping).
  4. Participated in minimum 3 competitions.

How to Apply for the Judge Orientation Program:

  1. Email your grooming profile and achievements to info@iga.sg
  2. You will receive a notification from HQ with regards your submission.

Rules of Judge Orientation Program*:

  1. The applicant must attend a 3 day IGA Judge Orientation Workshop in Singapore.
  2. Following this, the applicant must attend an IGA event for a practical evaluation.
  3. The applicant may be awarded permission to judge IGA C, B or A Class pure breed examinations.
  4. Cost for the workshop is on application. Flight and accommodation costs are at the expense of the applicant.

* Orientation programs are confirmed on an individual basis based on experience. If you are not accepted into the program, the Founding Judges will advise you on what you should do so that in the future you can attend the program