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November 17, 2016
Examinations and Competitions for Pure Breed and Pet Trim Rules & Regulation
November 17, 2016

Creative Grooming Examinations Rules & Regulation



International Groomers Association

Country Leaders who want to hold a IGA Creative Examination must discuss and consult with IGA Thailand Country Leader.

1. Groomer’s attire – No Shorts, Bermudas, Slippers or sandals are allowed.
2.  Any rough handling or injury to the model dog, including clipper irritation, cuts and nicks, shall lead to the participant being disqualified.
3. Participants are responsible for their dogs throughout the whole examination.
4. Any indecorous or aggressive language used towards the judge or any official may lead to disqualification.
5. The Judge’s decision is final.
6. No aggressive dogs will be allowed to participate in the grooming examination.
The Certification Classes are:
A Class Creative Grooming Certification
For experienced and skilful groomers who have already taken creative course or passed Class B Creative examination.

B Class Creative Grooming Certification
For experienced and skilful groomers who have already taken a creative course or passed Class C Creative exam.

B Class Salon FreeStyle Creative Grooming Certification

C Class Creative Grooming Certification
For beginners who do basic colouring, simple colouring and styling an trimming.

C Class Salon FreeStyle Creative Grooming Certification

Details of Certification exam:
Time for the examination is 2 hours, 45 minutes.  An extra 15 minutes will be given for preparing the show, costumes, props and fashion shows.  Total examination time is 3 hours.
Groomers who want to pass Level B or C to Level A or B, respectively, have to receive confirmation from the IGA Thailand Country Leader.
Each IGA competitor may bring only ONE assistant to help with styling the coat, setting the show and assisting on stage in the Fashion Show.
All participants who pass will receive an IGA Creative Grooming Styling Certificate.
Themes & Other Rules:
IGA Creative exams are about creating designs based on your own imagination.
Create unique, original, beautiful and precise designs.
Create profiles of characters, creatures and more.
Create realistic types of profiles of animals, creatures or things.
Class A and B competitors may create a special performance or story to present to the judges. Costumes, props and the model dog can all be used to create a spectacular show.
After the creative grooming is completed, the original coat of the dog must not be lost. The creative process must not totally change the look of the structure or outline of the dog.
Bring out the beauty of the dog by focussing on colouring details up to a maximum of 5 colour in dying and not more than 70-80% of the dog may be coloured.
Each competitor must prepare and create the colouring design before the examination.

IGA Creative exams are open to the Poodle breed only.  All coat colours are allowed except NO black.
No coat bleaching.
Air brush technique is not allowed.
All coat colouring products must be applied with safety as a priority for both dogs and competitors. Improper use of products, tools or techniques during the examination that can bring harm to the dog will result in immediate disqualification. The judges decision is final.
Restricted Entry into Competition Venue:
IGA reserves the right to restrict anyone, regardless of whether they are a member or non-member, from entering the competition venue.

Amendments to the Rules:
IGA reserves the right to amend the Rules and Regulation as and when deemed necessary.