The drive of the IGA Founders is to provide an international platform for all students to receive certification. The long term goal is to create a group of international groomers, grooming schools and judges who can together share their ideas, teach and maintain excellent grooming standards and grow together. It is important that all IGA Appointed Schools abide by the regulations required by their country to operate a grooming school.

How to apply to become an IGA Appointed School:

  1. Email to request the Appointed Schools Application Requirements, Rules & Regulations and Fees & Costs
  2. Submit the list of requirements including the CHECK LIST*
  3. Arrange for a visit to your school

What is the purpose of the Check List?

  1. The purpose of the Check List is to ensure that your school meets the minimum requirements to apply to become an IGA Appointed School
  2. Safety First for dogs & students and Cleanliness are essential to the IGA evaluation
  3. The appearance of the business must be of a Professional School not a Grooming Salon

What are the costs involved to become an IGA Appointed School?

Please email to request the Appointed Schools Application Requirements, Rules & Regulations and Fees & Costs.

Join IGA in Pursuit of Grooming Excellence:

  • Be confident that your School meets International IGA Standards
  • Promote yourself as a Grooming School with an International Platform for your students
  • Be part of an International Network of Schools and benefit from open discussion and exchange
  • Have access to experienced IGA Instructors and Judges who are willing to guide, advise and travel to your School
  • Host IGA Seminars in yours School (in accordance with the IGA Rules & Regulations)
  • Receive the IGA Appointed School Graduation Certificate inclusive of 3 years individual membership for each student
  • Link your School Website to the IGA Web Page
  • Publish your School events and information on the IGA Facebook Page
  • Display the IGA Appointed School Logo in your School and on all School related material
  • Display your School banner at all IGA exams where your students participate

Connect! Unite! Educate! Certify!

To find out more please email or message us on facebook.