Pet owners often look to people working in the pet industry to provide expert advice on pet care. Groomers are often the first or main source of information for pet owners on pet care. IGA believes that groomers and grooming salons have a responsibility :

  • to provide knowledgeable and sound advice;
  • to exhibit professional behavior;
  • to display business honesty & integrity;
  • to provide a safe, hygienic, well planned & professional establishment
  • to show compassion and respect to animals in their care
  • to support education and training within the industry

In accordance with the IGA Rules & Regulations, Appointed Salon may apply to have their grooming salons inspected and to work towards providing customers and pets with a positive grooming experience.

How to apply to become an IGA Appointed Salon:

  1. Click here ( Appointed Salon Membership ) to fill up the Appointed Salon application form
  2. Submit the application form
  3. Arrange for an online assessment of your salon

What are the costs involved to become an IGA Appointed Salon?

Please refer to the application form for membership fees. If you have further queries, please email to with your queries.

Join IGA in Pursuit of Grooming Excellence:

  • Be confident that your School meets International IGA Standards
  • Be part of an International Network of Salons and benefit from open discussions and exchanges.
  • Have access to experienced IGA Instructors who are willing to guide, advice and travel to your Salon.
  • Link your Salon Website/Facebook to the IGA Web Page.
  • Display the IGA Appointed Salon Logo in your Salon and all other Salon related materials.

Connect! Unite! Educate! Certify!