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International Groomers Association is a strong believer in continuous professional development, ongoing enrichment, development of new ideas, sharing of grooming creations and the opportunity too enhance and challenge oneself.

IGA will create opportunities for groomers to become certified and upgrade their grooming skills through workshops, seminars, competitions and examination testing. Join us and become an IGA member today.

We currently have members in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, United States of America, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Germany, Malaysia, France, Russia, Serbia, Holland, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Italy, Philippines, Chile, Australia, Argentina, Romania, Hungary, Vietnam, Myanmar, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Latvia, Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal and Kazakhstan.

We welcome and invite membership from individual groomers and grooming schools.

  • Promoting professionalism and good ethics in the grooming environment.

  • Uniting groomers and dog grooming related business through membership.

  • Setting recognized grooming standards through workshops, seminars and certification.

  • Providing an ease of mind to dog owners who patronize IGA Groomers.


Provides groomers access to an international network of like-minded passionate & professional groomers and the opportunity to participate in overseas seminars and examinations.

Annual Individual Membership fee is USD 22 / Euro 18 (Singapore $ 30) for three years. We believe that over a 3 year period a member has the opportunity to participate and strive towards achieving their A Certificate.


Allows schools to provide their students with an international platform and network. Schools can immediately offer their students the opportunity to travel to and participate in overseas competitions and seminars, expose them to different cultures and their grooming creations & new grooming trends and the chance to broaden their minds with the sights and sounds of new experiences.

Annual Grooming School Membership is USD 92 / Euro 73 (Singapore $ 120) for one year. IGA member schools receive the IGA Member Certificate to display in their school. They may use the IGA School Member logo in their school, on their name cards and in promotional & marketing material. Schools are added to the IGA School Members Facebook group so they can link up with schools worldwide and their school is welcomed on Facebook.

We also offer an IGA APPOINTED SCHOOL PROGRAM for our School Members. Click on this link to find out more.


For application forms for Individual and School Membership scroll down to end of the page. Download & complete the form and email it to Proceed to make the membership payment.


Payment for membership can be completed on the Payments page. Click here.

Individual Groomer Membership

Singapore$30 for 3 years

School Membership

Singapore$120 per year